First Base & Outfield

When I am in the field, my favorite position is first base. I love being part of each play and playing first base gives me that. I am tall so my range at first base is good. I am aggressive and like to be a team leader when I am on the field.  From letting everyone know how many outs there are in picking runners off and turning double plays I love it. When I am not, at first, I play all three positions in the outfield. I want the ball to be hit to me each time; I live for this sport!

His Approach

Getting Dialed In:

  • Know the situation
  • Knowing where to go each play
  • Make the play

First Base – Coming Soon

Outfield – Coming Soon

Playing First Base


I love the infield and the outfield  I am going to play wherever I need to help my team win!

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