• Austin Raleigh The Left Handed Slugger

The Left Handed Slugger in Las Vegas

Austin Raleigh can swing for the fences, he is naturally powerful and strong and is a big lefty, He works the whole field spraying balls to left field, center & right field.

His Approach


Getting Dialed In:

  • Give 100% at all times.
  • Hit my spots.
  • Focus on mechanics

I love to get the nod for the big game; nothing is more powerful than taking the mound and shutting down the opponents in the box. I go into to each game with a plan and a goal to deliver and execute with every batter. I fear nothing when it comes to this game. I am in it to win it for the team.

I have worked with many professional pitchers as I have strived for excellence. I have worked with PJ Bevis, Evan Gruesell, Harold Eckert, Jeff Malm and Greg Maddux. They have all helped me create my approach and game plan to pitching.

Austin Raleigh Pitching

I pitched in little league, club ball and now I am pitching in high school. I love it, and I hope I get to play for the rest of my life.

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